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. in washington. fox news. >> iraqi war veteran accused of killing a navy seal sniper has been arraigned. shot and killed chris kyle and another man at a texas gun range. suffering from dtp to the range for therapy. the 25 year old held on 3 million dollars bond. army sergeant will face the victim's families. jury selection began for report bails. bails admitted to killing 16 afghan villagers mostly women and children. boys who survived will take the stand. >> news alert oust georgia a gun man armed fired shots in an elementary school. happened in deicature outside of atlanta the suspect got in the school following someone authorized to be there. fired a shot in the air. school was put on lock down. no one was hurt they were reunited with their relieved parents. >> been a lot on your heart much see what is going on in the news and not know what is going on. good to know no one was hurt it was a waiting thing. as far as the waiting i can't complain all the kids were safe. that's all want is your child to come home safe. suspect was arrested. authorities believe he had combloesive in his trunk
on washington. we are sharing them. it is 7:11.  junk keys junkies junki rise and shine for school, kids. this is a picture of amber makel who is a junior in high school. this is her. it is not a selfie, she looks great. thank you for tweeting this, amber. what about this? this sharp young man, this is dominic jones, ready for kindergarten at imagine foundation. that is so cute. have a great day and great year, dominic. thanks for sending a picture. i love the students in their uniform. they are the cutest thing in their ties. they look so professional. first day of school in calvert, maryland. more pictures should be coming in. you high schoolers tweet us@myfoxdc. we have seen some cute ones. the little uniform. looking like a businessman ready to go to school. love it. >> i know. i asked the kids, what is your job? >> we are students. >> it is. you have to take it seriously. >> did you take it seriously? >> we are a close group of co-workers. what is going on out there? >> the fog is thick in spots. not so much in the city although we have it along the potomac. i have
be a lie. >> got my attention. priceless memories, firsthand witnesses to march on washington gathered in d.c. for a special celebration. we are going to take you there. >> first honoring the best of the best, '72 dolphins get their white house moment. only taken 37 years. 7:09, we'll be right back. ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping on the most highly recommended d in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep. [announcer] tempur-pedic owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. buy a tempur-pedic mattress set and get a free twin tempur-simplicity mattress. find a store near you at ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found t
at a march on washington event at union temple church in d.c. d.c friends say he was a mediator within the community and had plans to run for commissioner. >> events commemorating the 50th anniversary on the march on washington go full steam today. >> memorial circle will remain r open unless it need it's be closed for pedestrian safety tomorrow. participates are encouraged to take public transportation to the march and ral i. why another rally held tomorrow, the d.c. statehood and self determination march and >> the mayor was among those in attendance at freedom applausall activities gathering at the d.c. war memorial at 9:00 tomorrow t morning and then they'll head to the lincoln memorial at 9:30 for the march. ahead of the anniversary of the march the post office will release a new forever stamptamp today. the big reveal will be made on o facebook and actress gabrielle union will be on that event. >> all right. here is a question for you. were you at the march on washington? do you have family members therm or friends who were there? we'll even share your story with us. sen
to talk to people who were not alive or only toddlers when king marched in washington. >> alot of racism, blacks weren't allowed with the whites and they barely could do anything. >> it's important to me because dr. martin luther king was like a mentor to me, coming up in school and i like him, i have a dream that some day we all could come together -fplgt/ we are not all the way there, but we are on our way. >>reporter: this week's events include a march on saturday that retraces the 196 3 march for jobs and freedom. there will be a march on the day of the actual anniversary are, wednesday, august 28th. president obama will speak that day on the stepbs of the lincoln memorial. >> we will be covering all of it, karen gray houston, thank you. >>> we are prepared, we are ready and we will provide whatever emergency medical services we are called upon on the 24th and the 28th, if needed. >> city leaders want everyone to know they are ready for the unexpected. fencing is already up around the national mall to keep pedestrian and vehicle traffic moving without safety issues. as for the
from us. >> reporter: as the day worry on, one message rez thoughted with many who came to washington 50 years later. they need to keep on marching. >> we come to washington to commemorate. we go back home to agitate. >> reporter: president obama p will deliver a speech on there steps thepe thrin con memorial n wednesday, the actual a anniversary of the march on washington.gton back to you. >>> a reminder you can find f everything you need to knowo about the anniversary and activities on >>> another big story, drama before today's march on washington events got started. s it happened at a dc rally, john henrehan says the organizers did not want farm mayor mar-in barry to speak but the current aid councilman did so anyway. our cameras captured the controversy. take a look. >> reporter: about 500 people gathered at the dc war memorial at the mall to push for the cause of statehood. they heard from the city's c political leadership.eade >> we must no longer be the city that hopes the marchs, but whose denial of our rights are ignored. by the marchs. >> reporter: all know del
for the march on washington. it managed to stay open durling the race riots and the five years of metro construction whet business was almost nonexistence. bill cosby has been and u2's frontman bono and president barack obama who came here juste ten days before his historic h inauguration as well. a lot of people in washington d.c. when they are making an historic trip here dignitaries as well. nick lar sarkozy was here. they feel like they have to mako a stop at ben's chili bowl. alie passed away four years ago. he was able to witness the restaurant's 50th anniversary and receive a key to the city. so much touchstones here in washington, d.c. right at this t very spot. the celebration begins at 10:000 this morning but i'm told it's going to continue. big street celebration, a party all day long. it's going to go until 7:00 this evening. wisdom and sarah there's a a couple of giveaways, too. lots of things for the public tb be able to participate in here. back to you. >> it should be a fun time. giving away a few half smokes will make people happeny. >> gotta love that. thank you very m
wore on, one message seemed to resonate with many who came to washington 50 years later. they need to keep on marching. >> retired history teacher and nea member who was here 50 years ago and again today put it in perspective. >> it's a march that has energized people to take an interest to the government and what it can do for people in this country and maybe this one will have the same effect. >> a message john lewis delivered with the same heat today as he did in 1963. >> i got arrested 40 times during the '60's. beaten and left bloody and unconscious. i'm not tired. i'm not weary. i'm not prepared to sit down and give up. i'm ready to fight and continue to fight and you must fight. thank you very much. >> and that was audrey barnes reporting. the next big event celebrating the march is this wednesday which is the actual day of the march. president obama is going to deliver a speech from the memorial. >> aaa mid-atlantic is warning marchers to be aware of their surrounding. don't fall asleep on the metro. carry electronic devices in your front pocket. avoid using electronics on
for the weekend. cooler pattern for the weekend. >> 74 right now in washington. 73 this new york city. a little cooler north and west. columbus is 62 and binghamton 60 degrees. we're on the warm side of things. we'll watch the temperaturese warm up to the 80s andnd eventually upper 80s near 90. 9. much like yesterday. yesterday turned to a nice day.d a little t bit of cloudiness tos start your day. it's holding back the follow fol vegment which is good newsews because yesterday we had localll very dense fog.. still a possibility before sunrise. we coll see fog develop. particularly if you are a viewer to the west bewareuld encounter thick, dense fog without much notice.ce. otherwise partly sunny today ant could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm this afternoon as we heat up the atmosphere.tmos warm and humid. 88 is the high. >> thank you tucker. time now 20 check in with julie wright and get an update on the morning commute.morn >> we're starting off quiet this so far without issue for folks headed around the capitol beltway. you will find your lanes are open if y
, august 22nd. a live look at the sun looks up over the washington, d.c. region. another humid day. good morning everyone i am sarah simmo simmons. >> and i am wisdom martin. time to bring the tucker barnes for the weather. >> warm and humidity with temperatures expected to top out upper 80s maybe 90. we have been getting close to 90. a few scattered storms will which change up the weather pattern for the weekend. >> okay. >> radar showers overnight eastern maryland. i haven't been down to the beach this summer. >> you have been all over the country. >> i have been one or two places. >> you need a quick road trip before school. [laughter]. bethany dealing with light showers. 74 reagan national. temperatures expected again upper 80s near 90. scattered storms by 4:00 p.m. >> thank you, tuck er. >> let's check on jeff newman. >> sky fox accident on the left side at 109 in hyattstown. that is the southbound side to the right. northbound defected as well. once passed that juncture to fredricksburg. you are at a better pace, through prince georges county, no accidents reported typical volume
jail next, matt. >> good morning, everyone it is a big weekend on the march on washington. fifty years later, already a festival. i am matt ackland, we'll have the latest coming up. >> this is "fox 5 morning news." ♪ >> it is great to great to wake up to 6:00 august 23rd, friday. lovely look at the skies over washington, d.c. as the sun comes up, getting ready for a big weekend. good morning, i am a sarah simmons. >> i am wisdom martin. it is tgi friday and big john spinning the tunes. nice variety going this morning. >> i agree. >> we are loving it. >> this is great. we had sinatra. >> little marvin gay, now country music. >> i can't remember who it is. it is going to drive me crazy. everybody knows this song. >> we are going to chat with him later in the show. >> let's chat with tucker on our forecast. >> good morning. sunrise, threat of storms early. beautiful afternoon and beautiful evening across the area as the nice cool air sets in. >> you said "cool air" -->> you can't do that, i only have 10 seconds. radar, shower activity. come back in a couple of minutes. reagan nati
, fredricksburg as well. some could be locally on the dense side. temperatures, 73, washington, upper 60s dulles, bwi marshall 70°. upper 80s. maybe few of us will get to 90. around the corner, slightly cooler air for the weekend, at least less humid. later this afternoon pop up showers and storms. 88, warm and humid. >> tropical, makes you think you are on vacation. >> maybe if you have a nice beachy drink, maybe julie knows about those. >> maybe the ones with the umbrellas or flamingos. [laughter]. southbound i-95 lingering construction. this isn't a good thing. said they are going to clear out by 6:00. southbound i-95 overnight construction tying up two right lanes, unusual delay out of dale city. northbound i-95, traffic approaching quantity co. headed into centerville, lanes or open between anna dale and marefield. all of your lanes here are open. light traffic volume for those coming inbound leaves northeast. southbound 270 headed out to -- southbound 295 coming in out after laurel, easy drive coming in from trader joes headed out to the beltway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traf
you will have more on this tonight at 6:00. >>> there's more issues for the nsa the washington post reveals new evidence that the agency way spying on more americans.americ the agency admits to breaking privacy rules, they say it's all a mistake. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter:after receiving an n audit from the nsa from admitted leaker edward snowden, "the washington post" reports, the spy agency overstepped the legal bounds thousands of times. the audit turned up fe 380000 incidents in a year. a that is what happened in washington d.c. as the type graphical errotypograph cal led, 202, instead of 20, which is the international dialing code of egypt. >> reporter: there's those whoth say the illegally gatherey communication is a tiny fraction of the possible numbers. >> yeah, 2007, yeah, that ish, something to be concerned abouto and we should be, but was that a potential, the 100 billion cases. >> reporter: the nsa directoror of compliance wrote a statementt to fox news saying we take eachh report seriously. investigate the matter, addresss the issue, constantly look fo
weiss of "washington post" wrote a column good man, mad culture. >> honestly could go a long way changing player attitudes. >> fletcher says he is hurt and his head is not right and needs more tests then every guy onn ev that roster will say this is a guy we look up to. >> not having symptoms right now! >> in 2011 virginia passed strict guidelines to protectli playersne from concussion whichn educators say affected brain functions. >> there is no helmet that we know of that prevents concussion. >> it does not exist. >>> nfl has its own web site. nfl evolution to promote safety changes including a warning to players to never ignoregno concussion symptoms. >> we still have to be smart as players and protect ourselves. >> back in 2009, the nfl successfullily fought back an effort on capitol hill to strip of the anti-trust exemptionnt afteri- complaints rose it was ignoring concussion issues and that came in the wake of a michigan study that a thousand former nfl player had higher rates of memory related illnesses causing alzheimer's disease and dementia. >> will? >> thank you. y >>
washington post" reports a review was committed before the deputy mayor ordered police to investigate. a criminal investigation is underway. union officials are outraged by the suggestion of sabotage. >> firefighters out west continue to battle wildfires across two states this morning. high winds are making it difficult for crews to maintain control of the flames in utah and idaho. here's the latest. >> the fire in utah is at park city, the area that hosted many events of the 2002 winter olympics. it's destroyed 40 homes, catching lots of residents unaware and giving them just minutes to grab possessions to flee the flames. with firefighters working in heat and pushing 100 degrees, they're being stretched. >> evacuations are cumbersome and complex. we're strapped, trying to get as many resources as we can to come down here and help us but a lot of other places have the same problem we do. >> meanwhile, the beaver creek fire in sun valley, idaho has stretched to 100 square miles, a lot of affluent homes in the area. officials are saying some private insurance have sent in their own cre
on washington. >> you could be impacted by the traffic changes, fox 5's matt ackland woke up early this morning, allison. >> i love matt ackland. >> he is live. >> good morning, matt. it is >> reporter: what a beautiful weekend it will be to celebrate this anniversary of such an important piece of history. if you are coming to the city early, there is something for you to do, this is west potomac park, that is where the global freedom festival will get underway at noon. we can show you a list of what is taking later on realize the dream rally tomorrow morning, worship service on sunday at howard university. wisdom, you brought up the traffic issue. folks are saying if you can get by public transit. it is good to know the memorial bridge will be closed 6:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. the arlington circle should stay open unless there is an issue for pedestrians. by the way, we wanted to tell you the post office is going to be commemorating this march as they release a new forever stamp today. big reveal will take place on facebook. we are told it is a mosaic made of photos across the nation. especially to
. >> ben's chili bowl washington's most treasured eating establishment is celebrating the 55th anniversary. the anniversary comes as the nation is also taking note of another historic 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> jesse jackson and bill cosbyn tw ao icons in the african-american community and icons for all of us, frankly spoke with karen gray houstonn with more on the march. >> both are outspoken in theirn own special way. both had thoughts on why 50 years later, the march on washington and martin luther king's dream is still important. >> hundreds showed up to say t happy birthday to ben and snap a picture of the venerable bill cosby and chant the traditionalo chant with jesse jackson. >> i am somebody!wi >> somebody. >> i am somebody! >> it was also obvious this week's march anniversary is a headliner, too.r, >> we tracked jesse jackson down in the crowd and shouted interviews while on top of a live jackson is a professional marcher and started grabbing headlines when he began working with martin luther king. he likes to say this 50th anniversary is n
in washington. we are going to tell you about the controversy it is generating when we come back. time now is 7:12. the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. that you may not have time to roll out dough for a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or enough time to mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and a homemade gravy. she knows you may not have a moment to crimp the edges of your favorite chicken pot pie. but marie callender's does. and when she's done, all you need to do is find time to grab someone special, sit down, and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor. ♪ >> we want to say thank you for everyone that is sharing their back to school pictures. this is savion. this is the first day of kindergarten. >> mom, i don't feel like smiling. maybe
improve. i want to show you visibilities. no issues in washington. half mile along manassas. cull pepper, visibility to the west. check out high temperatures. reagan national, 74° only? that is 13° below afternoon, dulles bw marshal, we should see temperatures low 80s for your monday. 66 in washington, 59 in gaithersburg, 61 manassas and dulles 72. 63 in leonard town. mix of clouds to start your day. we had that storm come through yesterday. we are dealing with the upper level piece of energy. that will give us plenty of cloud cover, we will see some shower activity late morning, early afternoon. scattered showers through your monday. we will get this east of us. tomorrow back in the sunshine, back near 90. much more summery week. 82 tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday, 90. cold front friday should cool us down, little less humidity. we are going to be on the warm side for much of the week. that is the forecasts julie wright has the roads. >> all right. tucker. no issues to report for the folks coming off of the inner loop leaving tysons out for 270. lanes hear are open. no accidents
court to sep in.ep i and it was provided by the 'washington post' who is nowis w living in the white house says, it showsho how the spy agency overstepped its bun daris, and, president, t barack obama has vowed to makeae appropriate forms. >> metro changes for the anniversary.annive a fay more actor was inside thit car before it looked like this.. find out who it was, and how he got out to safely.y >> we got farm, and sunny and sa bright and warm day. d. julie has traffic coming up after the break up pir 8 1k30*erbgs we have beeb at 70. rather cool, with the cloudhelo cover across the area yesterday. >> unusual.>> unu >> so, a couple days warmup and, more back into more comfortablee air by this weekend. this fog is getting to be veryy dense, and you work up 81 theree in the mountains, some very se heavy fog. and out into the parts of west virginia as well. wel so, fog advisory for just about everything. eastern shore until 10:00, andnd we'll get involved, in the pushp to the east over the next hour or so. particularly, if you are wakingg up in the west. w >> here's
, miss bee's child care across the street. >> about 80 homes affected. washington gassies the leak. >> coming up, a warning if you are headed to the skins game, find out why certain bags are no longer allowed. >> a new twist in nsa investigation, find out why a man has the white house answering questions. >> massive wild fire out west tackling the blaze the size of denver, gary? >> big fire. we have clouds, no real showers if you are headed to the game, weather wise no issues. here is what it looks like out there now. it is going to start feeling more like august. we have a first look at your forecast all coming up, stay with us.  >> the unrest continues in egypt nearly a week after a government crack down after oust of president morsi. two dozen security policeman were killed execution style. in all nearly 1,000 people killed between security forces and morsi supporters since last wednesday. there is word tonight that former president hosni mubarak could be released. a final verdict in all of his cases. mubarak and sons accused of embezzling and killing pro
they would end all u.s. aid. >> president obama returned to washington. he is scheduled to attend a private economic meeting at the white house. >> speaking of the white house, it was the setting for the nation's newest summer block buster. >> at 7:00, let's check out "the butler's" box office. >> how a rec center employee might have saved a man's life. >> we'll have a preview of tonight's monday night match up. time is 7:11. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens.  you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> isn't she the prettiest student ever? good morning to you, that is diana gab rielle. that is her back to
around at the scene. northbound i-95 being diverted eastbound. you may want to use baltimore washington parkway. no accidents between college park and bethesda. we have reports of debris and clean up continues northbound i-95 in virginia. eastbound 66 losing speed. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> we are following breaking news former pakistani president sharraf has been charged with murder on buda. basharaf is currently confined to his home outside islam ma bad. >> there are reports the white house has decided to temporarily hold up aid to the country. today the leader of the muslim brotherhood was arrested at an apartment in cairo, mohammed bodi will go to trial later this month. ousted president morsi is supported by muslim brotherhood. a flight on the way to austin, a passenger tried to open an emergency door. no word on any charges in this case. >> family, friends and teammates remembering a george mason student. >> 21-year-old patrick considered a top notch volleyball player. a family member thinks he walked along after getting off at the wrong stop. his coach sai
right now on "fox news sunday." >>> hello again from fox news in washington. >>> there are reports and shocking video out of syria this week that seem to show the assad regime is engaged in the largest use of chemical weapons since saddam hussein attacked his people a quarter century ago. bob returned. we are told u.s. navy ships are moving closer to the coast of syria. president obama says this is a big event of grave concern but the president then adds we need to act deliberately. >> what we've seen is that folks will call for immediate action jumping into stuff that does not turn out well. gets us mired in very difficult situations. >> senator corker, how much proof does president obama need, and if he decide that bashir el assad used chemical weapons on a large scale against his people, what should he do? >> chris, the amount of social media coming out of syria indicates this is not something where opposition forces have contrived something. i think it's very evident that regime has acted in this way. i do think it's always good to be cautious, but my sense is that this has hap
a washington state soldier willr be awarded the medal of honoronr next week. the purple heart recipient wasit served as a calvary scout in afghanistan. the army reports carter foughtr in one of war's deadliest fire fights a six hour battle. resupplied ammunition, fought enemy troops and risked his life to save a soldier. if you live in the district it's your lucky day. eleanor holmes norton is holding a job fair today. it's at the washington convention center and there are workshops from 10:00 to 11 a.m. and it runs from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. this is a free event but you need to bring proof of a d.c. residency. more than 100 employers are federal, state and local companies are going to be there. >> as the redskins take on the bills saturday a question on o many fans minds is will kurt cousins play. he sprained his foot during the game against the steelers and the good news is x-rays show it's a mild sprain. no need to worry. while he may not be ready for f the game this weekend he ise i expected to play in a season opener in three weeks. remember this whole incident that before. pitcher who hit
over an american-muslim group plan tous march in >> the grouph called the american-muslim political action committee is approved to hold march september 11th billed as million muslim march. >> muslims denounce terrorism.n they say that date iss insensitive to september 11th and their families. rallies are supposed to happen on the national maul, capitol hill, white house and u.s.e supremeho court.. >> as we prepare to mark the the 50th anniversary of theiver march on washington, people actually there are helping us relive that historic day. d >> d.c. native and historymaker darryl hill joined us on fox5 morning news today. he was the first african-american to play football for a major universitye in the deep south and was a maryland term. he was on the march in washington in 1963. >> we saw masses of people.sses >> right. >>> on the mall all the way from capitol to lincoln memorial. at the time we didn't realizedi the impact of the speech itself and the impact it would have on nation on certainly it will impacted me andce inspired me in my football season and inspir
to reports obtained by "the washington post". both were finished before the deputy mayor ordered police to investigate the fires.e the reports say the fires were likely caused by malfunctions on poorly done repairs. the police investigation intotin the fires is expected to take some time. >> another story were followingg this morning an emergency landing for a flight heading to bwi. find out what caused a scare inn the skies and what caused the t men to land. president obama back from vacation. we'll find out how he spent the last four hours of downtown before he returned to the white house. time now is 4:37. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar. >> back now. an ambush of too many buss in egypt todayoo has killed 25 off duty policemen. this comes afte
: commander of the district of washington and joint force headquarters invited chief cathy lanier. >> we have a tremendous partnership with all the law enforcement partners throughout the nation's capitol. metropolitan police department is essential to all that we do in the capitol. >> we have an ongoing working relationship that i don't think most police stations have a chance to experience. a lot of good comes from it. >> reporter: d.c. watched as four platoons marched in unison and played star spangled banner. then chief cathy lanier presented the wreath. >> i was taken back about how emotional a ceremony it is. >> reporter: it is a partnership grown over inaugurations and official washington events solidified through shared experience and deep respect for duties honor and country. arlington national seminary will host these full army honors ceremonies honoring other partners in the region every month throughout this year. they are open to the public and trust me, they are impressive to witness. in arlington national cemetery, i am melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> i try to get the inside in
for the 50th anniversary of the march in washington. hi, scott. >> robert griffin iii talks about his health and last week's comments taken out of context straight ahead. >> 202-895-3000 fox 5 tip line, you can send us an e-mail to we'll be right back.  >> it is a short week for the redskins, just three days before the third pre-season game at redskins park. >> robert griffin iii spoke to the media and scott smith on deck with what he had to say. >> reporter: he went full speed against the starting defense. last week he went full speed against the scouting defense. griffin talked about about his meeting with dr. james andrews monday night and the doc examined his knee after 90 minutes, everything looks good and told the stay the course. griffin says his eyes are set on philly. being healthy is on good mechanics and could come at any point. last week's big talker that made the national media circuit saying there might be friction between he and shanahan. >> it sucks. i sat down and talked about to a few people, do i stop being who i am and honest and giving y
. she surprised them. had this big cake there. how many episodes when they fired washington? >> oh, that broke my heart. he ran his mouth too much. >> royal caribbean cruise. >> well, black people probably decline to go because after their first big boat ride. >> all right. >> well let's talk about who can't be outdone. bho rules the universe. >> after the concert in london the other night, spending like $2,000. they had 58 wings, 48 whole chickens -- >> i don't want to talk about fried chicken. >> this chicken is grilled. >> sometimes when we black folks start talking about chicken, our brow get wet. we just start looking greasy. see you talk about chicken, we just sign a little bit. there we go. it's natural. yeah. >> my whole staff at the golden corral. >> that is delicious, too. >> yeah on steak day. >> sure did. >> i forgot all about it. >> your stomach did forget. >> that's what we dishin' about. >> brooke complains a lot. >> about a lot of stuff. >> i am passionate. >> all the time. >> i have opinions. >> that's why we have creatively come up with the title, there's a bee in
will never really be put to in washington tom fitzgerald,tza fox 5 >>> kind of a bummer. we had all of this great weather during the workweek and instead of the weekend. >> it's not going to be that t bad. tomorrow is okay, andg then sunday we will have some showers, it kind of depends on where you are sunday as to how h much rain you may, or may not get. i don't think that everybody watching us now gets rain on on sunday. some of you may escape with a dry sunday. su it's a little complicated. we will get to that coming up, and you will look at the way it is now, and it's a break, enjoyo it, i don't think tomorrow it'sr going to be that bad, either. >> upper 70s, lower 80s, s, that is bonus. we're not up around 86, 87, 88 where we would normally be. reagan. and to the east of us, these numbers are -- gaithersburg 75, and dulles 76, and the numbers for the week and the evening hours, and a few clouds, 70, and 76, 2009, 72, and it's at 11:00, and 69, now, sunday showers,owe, yes, but again, not for everybody, it does look like we will stay dry tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow
the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> those who april tended last night say it's -- those who attended last night say it's not a commemoration but a continuation of martin luther king's dream. ♪ >> music was always part of thee civil rights movement as were ministers who gave voice to the cries for equal justice. >> still concerned about voting rights and still concerned about all people wanting to come to this country to better themselves. >> it was mostly but not totally african-american. in the crowd jesse jackson and mayoron berry.ry. >> let freedom ring from mississippi from every mountainside. >> while images resonate fromm that day in august when dr. king gave his iconic smeech organizers and participants wila hoping it will be a catalyst for more advances on the job front, immigration reform, more advances with voting rights. >> we can't improve our voting laws. >> we have to get the changes on capitol hill. it's time for that to end, ladies and gentlemen.en. i ask you to join with me in that fight! [cheers and applause]laus >> realizing how far we've come as a n
for a beautifuleaut weekend. >> doesn't feel like it's been summer in washington. >> no, and that's okay.s >> it's just fine. 72 in culpepper, 68 in manassasm this morning and mid 60s here in gaiftersburg and -- gaithersburg and frederick. the actual cold front is right here in southwest pennsylvania. a line of showers and thunderstorms have developeds along it.haong it's going to continue to moven on to the south and east. see if they are tracking to the east and south this morning. the possibility here that we'ret going to get a round of showers, maybe a thunderstorm. mid to late morning as that front comes through. then it quickly fades off to the south and east and mid to laid afternoon. we see a sunshine break out we're still talking about a great weekend. forecast gets better from here. dealing with possibility of thei rain showers midbi to late morning. here is a look at future cast sa we can track what is happening. here we are at 5:00 a.m.m. current time 5:15. it pushes off to the southeast,t falls apart here in the afternoon and we clear out in time for happy hour later this afternoon.
on washington. we have to discussion about rights which is what they were tpoeugt for in month months. but we also have to a discussion about responsibility. how what we do tpaerz mothers, not own as legislatures to enforce rights and police officer to protect rights, but what we do as parents as neighbors, and terms of our responsibility to uplift our communities. today was final day of the festival which kicked off on friday. and just reminder would complete cover age 50 anniversary srrb march on washington. you will of activities with it. on my update now on breaking news story out virginia. vehicle accidents that shut down i-66 west bound by route 123 in fairfax county are now hearing that two lanes will be opening shortly. on i-66. more about the accidents now we don't have any information about injuries but we are told they thaw two cars were involve you are look live picture of the scene, again, i-66 west bound shut down for now but two lanes we are being told will be opened shortly that accident happened at about 9:30 we will update story as we get more information within
in the district. thousands of people are in town to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. martin luther king organize today 1963 gathering. maureen. >> shawn the actual number of people expected tomorrow isn't known but it's safe to say the crowds will be huge. many people will be part of historic call commemoration. >> on the eve of the first big rally marking the 50th anniversary of the big march people are coming to the martin luther king memorial to take on the images, reflect on his message 50 years after his famous speech. >> i think we're stalled. i think that's the best way to describe it. we've had movements in the past but now i think we're kind of like stalled. >> i think we have a long way to go. we are very close in our community in central connecticut. diversity is paramount and our kids have been raised throughout elementary school that color is not important. >> i think the topic of racism is coming up more and more and drawing us backwards and i'm a little bit worried but i like the way dr. king approached it. he did it in a peaceful way. he didn't criticize peop
from out of town. they have come to washington to commemorate the 50th0th anniversary of martin luther king's big civil rights march of 1963. >> we are lgbt activists and think it is important to be here as a progressive coalition to support progression.t >> unfinished business? b >> yes. absolutely unfinished business. people got complacent.acen ever since the decision came down about voter rights act we are right back where we started before freedom marchers in 60s. and anybody who says differently is diluting >> we wanted to shareut thise experience with her.ce w >> why is that important? >> i think, you know, as she is growing older now, she is able to understand and see the importance what one life makes.a >>>t as recent as 1970, i have phone up to the restaurant to order food and asked to go around to the back to place my order. >> our mission is a continuing mission. it was never complete untile every single soul in this planet on this globe has equality.ity. >> so, again, the big event, there are many small events but the big events are tomorrow, saturday and wed
want you to help us tell the story about the march on washington, e-mail, tweet us or facebook. we'll share the stories over the next few weeks.  >> today in fairfax, trial underway for the man accused of murdering vanessa pham. suspect, julio blanco garcia was high on pcp when he killed vanessa pham. >> second set of fingerprints found on the knife of the murder weapon. knife had broken from the handle. >> defense admitted garcia is not guilty of pre-meditated murder. a man charged in a gruesome crime pleaded not guilty. 22-year-old alex killed 37-year-old cody with an ax last year and ate his heart and parts of his brain. he was attending morgan state university at the time and ordered to undergo treatment at a state hospital. new nfl security rules, female fans as they head to the game. one man proved he'll go to anything length to ask his girlfriend to marry him. ♪ could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorro
from washington is already out the door.or. >> the practical reality is that most of the military aid for this fiscal year, 2013, has been obligated and delivered. del in fact, all of it except for about four f.-16s and maybe some hermts. >> reporter: le european union and graib threatenin threatenins their relationship with egypt, this as they're considering dissolving the muslimm brotherhood and labeling it as a terrorist organization. >>> the cost guard in the in faculty peens now says at least 39 pipe were killed when a passenger ferry clietded with a cargo ship near the port of sees diagnoses due. 71 people were rescued but the search continues. c they're struggling to plug an oil leak in the wreggage. >>> san francisco's fire chiefo' iss banning helmet mounted cameras. that move comes off images captured during the airlines crash went public.lic. the photos were published in the streans chronicle and lead to questions about whether they'ree liable for the death of a 16-year-old. fire chief is banning the cams c because she's concerned aboutere the privacy of victims andnd firef
. >> they were popular 100 years before that. just ask the original grill-inator, george washington! >> these wooden teeth are the opey dope centerbugs, joe! >> as for you, m -- >> looks terrible. >> called having a ton of money and one day waking up, don't have anything else to buy. i will buy that. >> well then, congratulations, madonna! you're rich enough to look ridiculous! >> how are you doing, "tmz. how are you doing, man? >> i got andrei kirilenko. he is on the brooklyn nets. what is the best way to find a good woman? >> in new york? >> in new york or anything. you're married. how did you know she was the one? >> process. > process. reason why i ask this question, his wife, who's like a pop singer, she allows him to sleep with one girl a year. >> we know about this guy. >> that's awesome. >> i'm down for that one. my girlfriend is anti-one person thing. you get one person -- >> i wrote to her, you could have sex with j.c. from 'n sync or ryan gosling. >> that's who you gave her? j.c. from 'n sync? [laughter] >> good seeing you, brother. >> coming up -- >> they had a stand-up
for the nsa after the washington post reported this week that the agency violated policy rules. >> nation's most secretive spy agency intercepted e-mails and calls during that time and did not report the unauthorized surveillance. joining us with reaction is senator rand paul. senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. good to be with you. >> good morning. >> it was a little more than a week ago that the president insisted to the american people that there was oversight of the program and there was no talk of abuses. >> what you are not reading about is, the government actually abusing these programs. and listening in on people's phone calls or reading people's e-mails. what you are hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused. >> senator paul, what do you make of that statement now that this new information has come to light? >> you know, i think that the president missunderstands the constitutional powers. the checks and balances come from independent branchs of government. if they tell him everything is okay, that the nsa can police themselves. one of the things that our fou
, everything that's going on in washington. easy for new york to fly under the radar. this is a division where i think every single team could win ten games, or is not going to win ten, but every one could win eight. >> if rg3's knee holds up -- >> you're going to stick with the redskins. >> there's hope for everybody, but particularly the giants. they had that issue last year at running back and defensive line. as their pass rush goes and defensive line, good news is jason pierre-paul, he says he feels so much better night and day from a year ago to now. still on the pup list. tom coughlin will try to protect him from himself, but he's telling the guys i think i'm good to go, but i think they may protect him from himself. >> more of this at half-time, but right now it's just about time for kickoff. let's get off to the stadium, where joe buck, it is all yours. >> thank you, buddy and good luck on the show. cannot wait to watch. this is, in essence, week number two of the preseason. it's the giants and the indianapolis colts. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us here tonight. i'm joe
temperatures,u and, didn't get out of the 70's' and 71 this morning, in washington, and 63 in annapolis. winning number, so, the temperature is not quite aste a close, but the fog revolving off to the west, and this time around, the weather serviceervie feels strongly enough, with high pressure that we may keep it anywhere. dense fog advisory for justor j about everybody. along the eastern sure, bay b bridge and things are quiet. qui all right, should be a decenten day, and sunshine and, highnd h pressure goes right overhead to give us a mostly sunny afternoon, and our rain chancesc are not high today. t in fact, not high for the next couple days, and tomorrow, but to get into wednesday night and, thursday, you have a cold frontf and, now put an end to little mini heat boob. b and by friday, our temperatures will start to fall back into low-to-mid-80s. and early fog, afternoon suns,en it will be warmer.arme wind at 5, and 72 patch andnd clouds, and fog by morning. mor 88 tomorrow, could be a late shower tomorrow night, thursdayy some afternoon thunderstorms. and then, look, that cold f
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anniversary of march on washington and big events startedding to. the global freedom festival.esti the naacp southern leadership l conference and the king center helped organize the fest vasm thousands are expected for realize the dream march and rally. martin luther king and the research -- reverend al sharpton will be in attendance for thatht and sunday morning a service at howard university. one day after bradley manning was sentenced the former army intelligence and -- analyst says he wants wants to become a woma. >> bradley manning fresh off a a three decade prison sentence s said he is changing genders andd changing names from now it's chelsey e. manning. >> he wrote i am a female. i want to begin hormone therapy. >> the army needs to fess up anp do the right thing here. >> they say convict manningng should not only get gender assignment therapy and the armya should pay for it. >> all prisoners should be treated with health care and a private manning is no difference.di while his attorney wants the pentagon and taxpayers to pay for his gender reassignment surgery, the pentagon made it
snowden. y e washington post published several stories based on budget documents it received from snowden. the documents show the united states intelligence community had a $53 billion budget for just this year and the cia got 15 billion of that, most for data collection. >> and tonight an update on a story causing outrage nearly everywhere. the mother of a 14-year-old rape victim said the montana judge only apologized to cover his own butt. judge todd ball said the victim, was quote, older than her chronological age and she had as much control of the situation as did the teacher who raped her. the judge gave that teacher a slap on wrist, 30 days in prison. before her attacker was even sentenced, the teen committed suicide. the mom has rejected the judge's apology and she is calling for the judge to resign along with others. the judge said that is not going to happen. the state's attorney general is still deciding whether federal government is lightening up on pot. the justice department said it will no longer challenge laws in d.c. and a handful of other states that allow the medical and
. audrey barnes fox 5 news. >> good morning, live look over washington, d.c. right now. time now is 4:30. 4: it's monday, august 19. a lot people excited becausecaus it's the first day of school for teachers, students and administrators in the area. we're excited.x also excited about the weather not being too bad right now. on
. >> it was provided to theided to 'washington post' by snowden. >> at london heath they are airport, was detained for nine hours, and electronic materialaa that contained more information was con files indicated, and, an they say they need more information. >> drill down about how these te programs are being operated. >> one senator wants the supreme court to take a look. l >> i think the constitutionaliti of these programs, needs to be questioned, and there needs to e be a supreme court decision.. >> break back did announce a ana series of steps to ease concerns about privacy rights. rht >> i will work with congress too pursue appropriate arm. a >> it was given a heads-up abouo the detention of london, and the reporter said, expect more leaked documents, to be published soon. >> your weather, traffic, and top stories.ries >> "fox news" at 4:30 starts now. live look, you can feel thehe temperatures changing just angis little yesterday wasn't too bad and,add not bad at all and, we'll see if that point can continue.e. check and say good morning to >> welcome to fox morning news.w tu
the british government gave a head's up about the detention and denies involvement. in washington fox news. >> army private manning will learn his feat tomorrow. a military judge will announce mannings sentence tomorrow at 10 he face up to 90 years in prison for giving information to wiki leaks. prosecute ors asked the judge to give him 60 years. he was confidence 6 violations of the espionage acts. >> the army psychiatrist admits to killing 13 and injuring dozens in a shooting rampage at the texas military base. he is defendzing himself and frying to justify the shootings as defense of his muslim faith he the start his defense tomorrow. >> new details about the surviving boston bombing suspect. he suffered multiple gunshot wounds one to the face and a skull fracture. jurisdiction were described by the surgion who treated him after hide nothing a boat in the backyard he pleads not guilty who killed 3 people and injured 260 he faces a potential death sentence. 2 oklahoma teens charged with first degree murder in the deadly shooting of this australian basketball player. 23 year old crist
for the 50th an verse sear are of the march on washington -- anniversary. you can expect delays. >> brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> our last gasp of summer comingy. >> a loft kids are going back to school but some of them aren't yet. so i think the weather is going to give you summertime loving over the next few years. and yes it's going to be tropically as those temperatures climb up just a bit as well. we've gotten quite a pass this august. no doubt about it. and tomorrow we climb into the 80s. it will be the warmest day we've had since august 13th. and perhaps just perhaps a little sdwroelt the system because we were 11 degrees below average -- jolt. we're going by above average tomorrow. >> here's the bus stop forecast for those of you back in school. there could be areas of fog around tomorrow morning. our range will be 62 to 68 degrees but again the kids if they do have a jacket are going to want to ditch it by the noon hour because we're going to be climbing warmer than today. 75 is where we got today but we're surrounded by the 80s. cincinnati 85. st. louis 88. chicago
.m. and saturday during the rally for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. d.c. is their 29th stop on their nationwide store. >> netflix customers you will soon have more options now that the company has inked a deal with the weinstein company. netflix will get streaming rights starting in 2016 including the artist and the kings speech. >> number two the effects of childhood bullying can last into adulthood. researchers assessed 1,500 people from ages nine to 26. those classified as bully victims had the greatest risk of health problems by adulthood they were more than twice as likely to have difficulty keeping a job, committing to save money or maintaining relationships. >> number one tonight national zoo's elephant herd is doubling in size. thanks to a $2 million donation the zoo will receive three female elephants from calgary zoo in canada. they will arrive next spring and they're expected to stay indefinitely unless they don't get along with the existing elephants. we hope it works out for all of them. >> brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> thank you very much, shawn. o
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